Your one-stop solution to managing below-grade waste containers.

Community managers nationwide struggle with the logistics and expense of managing waste containers located in underground parking garages. There’s maintenance staff time and availability to coordinate, enclosure housekeeping to stay on top of, and liability issues to deal with. Not to mention the capital cost of expensive but infrequently used transportation equipment.

Western Disposal’s container shuttle service eliminates your headaches:

  • We coordinate container swap with your collection time. Free up your maintenance staff to focus on maintenance and never miss another pickup.
  • Our trash and recycling chute enclosure housekeeping is meticulous, maintaining sanitation and enhancing the resident experience.
  • No need to invest in transportation equipment used primarily for a single task.
  • Courteous, skilled, safety-conscious drivers.
  • Service available six days a week.

MFU Shuttle Service in Action

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