Curbside Collection

Western Disposal provides wheeled carts with weekly trash collection and recycle/compostables collection on alternating weeks in most areas. Service offerings and pricing vary by area and may be subject to local ordinance.  For pricing, contact customer service at 303-444-2037.

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Serving residents of Boulder, Broomfield and neighboring counties for more than 50 years.

Guidelines for Cart Service:

  • Place carts at least two feet apart and two feet from parked cars, recycling bins, fences, mailboxes and other obstructions.
  • Place carts with arrow facing the street and the handle facing your house.
  • Please do not overload carts or place dirt, sod, brick, concrete or rock in carts.
  • Do not place anything on top of cart(s).
  • Do not put recyclables in plastic bags.
96, 64 and 32 gallon trash carts side by side

Weight Guidelines:

32-gallon cart 65 pounds
64-gallon cart 150 pounds
96-gallon cart 200 pounds
32-gallon bags (extras) 35 pounds

If your cart can be rolled with relative ease, our truck will be able to lift it.

Please contact customer service at 303-444-2037 for options to manage heavy material.

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Depth (B)

Height (C)













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Deterring Bears in Urban Areas

Bears have always been a part of life in the city of Boulder. The city’s urban wildlife conservation project aims to ensure bears and humans can safely co-exist. Through education, awareness and laws, the city is working to limit the food available to bears so they are not drawn to urban areas.

The city’s 2017 Bear Protection Ordinance 8161 aims to protect bears by eliminating access to food rewards found in trash and compost bins.

Bear-resistant carts for trash and compost are required in the area West of Broadway and south of Sumac Avenue. To view a map click here.

Managing Extra and Bulky Material

TRASH: Charged by the 32-gallon unit. Purchase stickers in advance or have charges added to your bill.

RECYCLABLES: No charge for extra recycling. Place in bins, boxes or paper bags beside your recycling cart. Do not use plastic bags!

COMPOSTABLES: Fees may apply depending on your service area.

BULKY ITEMS: Curbside collection available for an additional charge.

For more information, call customer service at 303-444-2037.

Pay-As-You-Throw Ordinance Areas

Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) is a unit-based pricing policy set by a city or county wherein trash disposal pricing is based on volume — the more you throw away, the more you pay. Collection of recycling, and sometimes compost (where available), is typically included in the trash rate. With PAYT, when you recycle, compost and generate less waste, you’re rewarded with a lower trash bill.

The City of Boulder and Boulder County have implemented PAYT policies and are working to become zero waste communities by reducing the waste created then reusing, recycling composting most of what is discarded. Our area has facilities to manage a wide range of items generated by the typical household. To learn what goes where, use our Waste Wizard tool.

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Co-Collect Recycling Service

Co-Collect Recycling Service

If recycling collection is not available in your area, you can subscribe to co-collect recycling. Simply purchase yellow bags, fill with recyclable material (glass excluded) and place alongside your trash cart. We'll separate the bags and recycle your material.

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Prepaid Bag Trash Service

Prepaid Bag Trash Service

Ideal for customers who don't need weekly service. Purchase orange bags from Western in advance and set at the curb on your neighborhood collection day. The cost of collection is prepaid when you purchase the bags.

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Drive-In and Carry-Out Service

Drive-In and Carry-Out Service

Do you have time constraints or physical limitations that make it difficult to bring your carts to the curb? Subscribe and our driver will retrieve your carts from an accessible place on your property.

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Roll-off & Dumpster Rental

Roll-off & Dumpster Rental

Cleaning out? Remodeling? Western can provide the right size dumpster or roll-off to fit your needs.

Need online payment assistance?

Call customer service at 303-444-2037.


Electronic Statements

  • Enroll in e-billing using the secure web token located directly above the tear-off portion of your statement
  • You will have access to statement history for one year

Paper Statements

  • If you do not enroll in e-billing, you will automatically receive your statement via U.S. Mail


Online Payments

One-time payment with enrollment

One-time payment without enrollment

To ensure your payment is applied properly, please provide your Western Disposal account number located on the upper right of your statement.

By Mail

  • Remit payment by check to:
    Western Disposal Services
    P.O. Box 174466,
    Denver, CO 80217-4466


  • Access your account and click enroll in autopay
  • Enter your credit card or checking account information
  • Set a dollar amount threshold
  • Automatic payments are processed on approximately the 20th day of each month, depending on holidays and weekends
  • Access to payment history is available for one year from the original payment date


Hosting an event? Make it zero waste!

Western Disposal makes it easy to host a zero waste event with just a few simple steps:

  1. Determine your needs: Give us a call at 303-444-2037, and we’ll customize a plan based on the type of event, length of the event and the number of people being served.
  2. Purchase and pick up your supplies: Zero waste stations consist of a set of three cardboard bins and corresponding color-coded bags for trash, recycle and compost.
  3. Container delivery: Western will deliver your dumpster (or roll-off for a larger event) to your premises.
  4. Post-event: Place the color-coded bags and flattened cardboard bins in the dumpster or roll-off.
  5. Removal: Give us a call, and we’ll remove the container on the next business day.

The bags come back to Western, where we separate them into the appropriate stream for processing. We also provide you with a report on the amount of material you generated and the amount diverted from the landfill.

Zero waste event process

  • zero waste containers


    Work with Western to devise a custom plan based on your event size. Lightweight zero waste stations take only minutes to set up!

  • worker with zero waste container


    Place the color-coded trash, recycle and compost bags into the container provided by Western. We’ll sort them out at our facility and provide you with a report on your zero waste success!

Is it compostable?

Food service ware (cups, plates, utensils, straws, napkins, paper towels) are no longer accepted for composting. For questions, please call us at 303-444-2037.