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Western offers a convenient public disposal site in east Boulder. Save time and miles; bring your recyclable materials and trash to our Materials Management Center.

Materials Accepted for Recycling

Trash Rates 2024


Cars $62.25-$75.75
Vans $110.00
Small Bed Pickup $88.50
Medium Bed Pickup $108.00
Large Bed Pickup $134.00

Tonnage Charges:
There is a $70 minimum charge for any weighed trash material.

Loose trash $127.00/ton
Construction trash/wood $153.25/ton
Heavy construction debris/shingles/compacted loads $219.00/ton

Household Items:
Appliances (non-Freon), furniture, etc.
Per item:

Small (smaller than a recliner) $26.50
Large (size of a recliner or larger) $42.50

Recycling Rates 2024

Small Appliances and Misc. Electronics (copy-size box or single-item minimum) $28.75
Monitors or TVs 48″ or less $28.75
Monitors or TVs > 48″ $57.50
Console TV $86.25
Home Office Printer up to 30 LBS $28.75
Refrigerator, Freezer, Air Conditioner $86.25
Mattress or Box Spring $57.50
Tire $60.00
Tire with rim $80.00
Large Metal Items (e.g.: water heater, clothes dryer) $42.50
Small Metal Items (e.g.: BBQ grill, lawnmower) $26.50
Shred Services (per copy size box or 32-gallon bag) $12.00
Wood Waste – City & County Residential $.58/20 lbs.
Yard Waste – City & County Residential $.58/20lbs

Mattress IconMattress & Box Spring Recycling

Mattresses and box springs are transported to Spring Back Colorado, our recycling partner located in Commerce City. Spring Back’s recycling process breaks down over 90% of each mattress into individual components (metal, foam, ticking, cotton) and recycles or repurposes them.

Hard to recycle iconElectronics & Small Appliance Recycling

Electronics and small appliances collected by Western are processed by e-steward certified Blue Star Recyclers. A social enterprise focused on employing individuals with autism and other disabilities, Blue Star recycles over 10,000 tons of electronic waste each year at five sites in Colorado and Illinois.

Shred IconDocument Shredding

Don’t compromise your privacy by allowing confidential documents to pile up. Bring your personal and home office documents to Western Disposal for safe, secure shredding.

Our shredding services are available six days a week, no appointment necessary. All documents are shredded on-site, while you wait.

Tires IconTires

It’s important to recycle discarded tires. Left outside, tires can release chemicals and heavy metals into the ground, air and water causing harm to humans, animals and the environment. They also hold stagnant water which can be a breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests.

Material recovered from recycling tires is commonly used in asphalt, construction materials, ground mats, railroad ties and tire-derived fuel.

Scrap Metal IconScrap Metal

If it’s metal, chances are its recyclable. From large items like your BBQ grill. lawn mower or satellite dish to small items like broken tools, nails and screws and coat hangers. Keep a bin in your garage for the small items – you may be surprised at how quickly it accumulates!

Large appliances iconLarge Appliances

The most ecologically sound practice is to donate functioning appliances for reuse to entities such as a thrift store or Resource Central. If that’s not a viable option, bring them to Western for recycling.

wood iconWood Waste

Drop your clean wood waste (unpainted, unstained, untreated lumber and pallets) at Western Disposal. We’ll grind it then repurpose it as feedstock for local composters. City of Boulder and Boulder County residents receive a 40% discount on published wood waste drop-off pricing.

Wood waste delivered by contractors from construction job sites or generated by commercial businesses are not eligible to receive a subsidy from the city of Boulder or Boulder County.

Yard Waste IconYard Waste

Yard waste dropped at Western Disposal is converted into mulch rather than being landfilled. Yard waste materials taken to a traditional landfill decompose anaerobically, emitting methane — a potent greenhouse gas. Many of our residential customers have options for disposing of yard waste by way of our curbside collection service, but residential curbside collection is not an option for everyone — so bring your yard waste material to us! The yard waste drop-off is subsidized by the city of Boulder and Boulder County, so residents receive a 40% discount on normal yard waste drop-off pricing.

Yard waste delivered by commercial landscapers is not eligible to receive a subsidy by the city of Boulder or Boulder County.