Bulk compost and mulch for your yard & garden needs!

Visit Western’s Materials Management Center, located at 2051 63rd St., Boulder for quality compost and mulch products.

We carry CMI Silver compost from Colorado Materials. Our yard waste mulch is 100% local, ground from material dropped off by residents and landscapers.

  • Free loading service for your truck or trailer
  • Delivery service available for a fee. To schedule, call customer service at 303-444-2037.
  • Minimum purchase 1/2 cubic yard


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Have questions? Give us a call at 303-444-2037.


CMI Silver Compost


  • $36.75/cubic yard
  • Feedstock: dairy manure and yard waste
  • Screened to 1/2 inch minus


Yard Waste Mulch

Home-grown Mulch

  • $7.00/cubic yard
  • Made from local yard waste
  • Unprocessed
  • 3 inch grind