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For many years it has been a violation of hazardous waste regulations for industry, businesses, and government agencies to dispose of electronic waste in municipal solid waste landfills.

As of July 1, 2013 it is a violation of solid waste regulations for residents of Colorado to dispose of electronic waste in their trash. Instead, households must dispose of waste electronic devices at collection facilities or at special collection events. “Waste electronic devices”, as defined by the new law, include television sets, CPUs, computer monitors, peripherals, printers, fax machines, laptops, notebooks, ultra books, net books, electronic tablets, digital video disc players, video cassette recorders and video display devices with a screen greater than four inches.

For detailed information on this topic, please refer to Senate Bill 12-133 the “Electronics Recycling Jobs Act” or read more from the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment or from the Boulder County Resource Conservation Division.

Western uses certified electronics recyclers to manage the electronics we collect. Fees charged for electronics drop off offset the costs associated with collecting, storing, handling and disposing of the materials recovered in the recycling process. 

Electronics Recycling Price List

Rates Effective as of 1/1/15

Computer Monitor up to 19″ $10.00
Computer Monitor 20″ or more $15.00
Computer tower/CPU $8.00
Desktop copier $20.00
Server $8.00
Laptop computer $4.00
All-in-one (computer and monitor) $14.00
Desktop Printer: ink jet $8.00
Dot matrix $8.00
Laser Printer $8.00
Scanner $8.00
Fax machine $12.00
Keyboards, mice, cables No Charge
Land-line phones $4.00
Cell phones No Charge
VCR, DVD, home stereo components (no speakers are accepted) $8.00
Car stereos $4.00
Radio (small) $4.00
Radio (large) $8.00
Software No Charge
Palm pilot, PDA $2.00
Universal Power Supply (UPS) $8.00
Video game system $4.00
Video or digital camera $4.00
Televisions (see below based on size and type)
13 inch – 32 inch $15.00
36 inch – 46 inch $30.00
59 inch $35.00
Console $35.00
Projection $35.00

Large commercial computer equipment, special quote only (copy machines, etc.) Please call us at 303-444-2037.